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I Carried a Watermelon, Dirty Dancing Inspired Soy Candle

Juicy Watermelon with Grapefruit, Honeydew & Lemongrass

Glass jar, soy wax, cotton wick, dye chips and fragrance oil.

Size: 8 oz

Each candle is carefully hand-poured in small batches. Please note that color and appearance may vary slightly from photo.

All of our candles are made with eco-friendly soy wax. These candles make wonderful gifts. All of our scented candles come securely boxed and carefully wrapped.

***Some info on Soy Candles***

Soy candles are eco-friendly and better for our environment. They're biodegradable and made from natural soy rather than petroleum. They burn 50% longer and cleaner than traditional paraffin candles. Be sure to trim your wick after each burn--if you do, you'll notice that you will not have black soot collecting on the rim of your jar.

When you first burn your candle, make sure to burn it long enough so that the top layer of wax melts all across the top of the jar. This can take two hours or so on an 8 oz candle and longer with larger candles.

Soy is known for having "frosting" and "wet spots"--- frosting is discoloration of the wax that resembles snowflakes against the glass. It can form at any time--even after you burn the candle. It's totally normal. Wet spots happen when the wax pulls away from the glass. Neither of these things will affect the quality or scent throw of your candle. We are perfectionists and will do our very best to minimize both of these things, but since they are common with soy it is, at times, unavoidable.

Thank you and enjoy!!!